Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Floppy Disks

There is a new batch of MAP PCs soon to go in. This will mean that floppy drives will soon be a lot less common. In the future if a patron has a floppy disk that (s)he needs to read or if any of you need to copy something over after your old PC is gone, I have an external floppy drive that can be plugged in to a USB port. If you would need it when I'm not in my office, then look on the bottom shelf of my white book case (behind my desk).

I am also removing the little box of disks that we had sitting out for the public to take. Eventually, I will clean out the drawer behind the desk with all the floppies in it.

The LTL will have a few PCs with floppy drives for a while yet but has no plans to keep that capability in perpetuity.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lights Out

I have revamped some missing dots in the stacks and the tower. For those who are closing, remember that orange dots are to remain ON. I have put orange dots on light switches in the stacks as well. There has been a pattern of confusion in the past so hopefully this will help and not add to it. The blue dots in the stacks are to be turned off each night and are still on the switches as well.

If there are any complaints, comments or opinions, let me know!

MSU 101 Activity

All of the print periodicals needed for the MSU 101 Library Survivor Activity have been moved to the second floor west. The list of citations has also been moved up. It is now located on top of the micro cabinets across from the newspapers (it is also marked with a star on the map on the back of the assignment sheet).

New Interface for the Wilson Databases

Check it out.