Thursday, June 26, 2008

Printing in a Period of Transition -- Regular Students, GSP Students, and Upward Bound Students


On July 7th the new systems that take the new Eagle cards are supposed to be in place. Until then there are likely to be some difficulties with the transition. When you work with patrons who need to print during the transition period, show flexibility and err on the side of customer service. Many of us have staff cards for printing. Those can certainly be employed for small printing jobs when you encounter patrons who are frustrated in their attempts to print. I'll send out notifications as I learn new details about the transition. Please read further to see how best to help different categories of students.


The value add station in the library is out of order with a sign on it directing students to the ground floor of either Fields or Ginger. Instead of being repaired the library's station will soon be replaced with one that will work with the new cards. So regular students without a card are typically told to go to the Reference Desk to borrow an empty card which they can add value to and use. They could still do this if they want to hike over to Fields or Ginger, but it is probably not the best thing to recommend until after the new system is in place. These are the cases leading up to July 7th where we need to be flexible.

And as a reminder: There is one photocopier that takes cash, and at the digital scanning station they can create digital images of documents for free.


The GSP students have ID cards, but they do not function with either the old or new printing system. Al Baldwin is providing the library with several cards that the GSP students may use for printing. He will notify the GSP faculty. These cards are only for GSP students and should be in place by the end of today. Here is the basic procedure:

1) GSP students can ask for the card in three locations: Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, and Learning Technology Lab.
2) Since each card will start out with $50 on it, we need to be careful not to give it to someone unless they leave an ID card in exchange.
3) As soon as a card is depleted notify me and I can provide a replacement.
4) And of course notify me immediately if any card is lost.


Upward Bound students also have ID cards that don't function with the printing systems. In their case they are encouraged to print in the computer lab that is designated to them. When they are in the library and wish to print they can seek out one of the Upward Bound coordinators who will provide them with a printing card. There should be a coordinator somewhere in the library whenever Upward Bound students are supposed to be here. Listed below are the three coordinators. I think those are all cell phone numbers, so they are should be easy to reach. Ryan is in charge.

Ryan Rigdon (606) 356-7746
Brian Barker (606) 207-0901
Erin Peak (502) 724-1968

I think that covers it, but if not let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Revised Page for Bibliographic Management

I have revised the page describing EndNote to be a more general guide to the options for bibliographic management. Please look it over and let me know if you have any questions.

I plan to offer some staff training on Zotero early in the Fall.

Monday, June 23, 2008


The link to Cabell's can't be fixed until next week. If anyone calls tell them the that the link on the drop-down menu on the home page works.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Upward Bound Staff

The Upward Bound students are regularly signing in for study hours in the library. They are doing group work typically in the Reference Reading Room or the 4th floor tower. The students are supposed to sign in. This is handled by UB staff. But if there are any questions relating to it, below are listed the phone numbers for the staff who are coordinating this. Ryan is in charge.

Ryan Rigdon (606) 356-7746
Brian Barker (606) 207-0901
Erin Peak (502) 724-1968