Monday, March 12, 2007

Promotion Committee in Seminar Room A

To all who work the Reference Desk:
You should have all received this information via email, but I have been asked to also post it here.
The University Promotion will be reviewing portfolios in Seminar Room A starting March 8. They have scheduled the room a couple of evenings for the entire committee to meet. The individual committee members will have to schedule time to use the room under the same rules as everyone else. We are basically operating under the same rules that we did with the Tenure Committee back in November. The good news is that there are only 7 portfolios (as opposed to 25 with the Tenure Committee) so they will all fit in the cabinet and we won't have to use the carrels. Therefore, there will only be one key in the drawer that you will sign out to the committee members when they come over. As before, you will need to go up and let them into the room and go back and lock it back when they get through and have returned the key to you. I am attaching a sheet with the procedure so you can review it. This also contains the names of those who should be given the key. There will be a copy of this procedure in the envelop with the key in the little drawer at the reference desk (where the passwords and allen wrenches are kept).

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