Friday, April 6, 2007

Messages left on the Reference Desk V-Mail

After checking a v-mail message Julie was prompted to listen to a skipped message. Since the person didn't leave a date and time of message she didn't know how long the message had been there. We need to remember to delete messages after we have taken care of the patron's needs. Does anyone remember calling a patron back about helping with course reserves?


Barry said...

You can press #5 for envelope information which gives you the day and time a message was received.

PSM said...

Julie was unable to post and asked me to do it.

"I called the patron's phone number and spoke with her husband. He was not certain whether she received help or not with course reserves. I left the Reference desk phone number and said for her to call again if she needed help.

PSM said...

Thanks Barry! I didn't know that handy piece of information.