Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Students Needing to Print With No Money

Tonight I had a student who needed some information out of a reference book and she had her card, but she had no money. It was 5:45 and it dawned on me that she could take the book to LTL and they could scan the pages for her and email them to her email. This may not be something we would want to advertise but when you have a student in a bind, it may be helpful to suggest that. I suppose copyright is not an issue, since it was the same as copying it on a copy machine. Any thoughts?

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Ray Bailey said...

The scanners in the LTL are for public use, so patrons may use them for any purpose, as long as it's not illegal. So, in the relatively rare cases of patrons who do not want or need a hardcopy, scanning is definitely an option.