Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Staplers and Tape Dispensers-Ref Desk and Periodicals

I have an electric stapler that I have placed in the Ref. Room next to the electric pencil sharpener. Staples are on order for it and I have put a note on it so that students won't try to use it prior to receiving staples for it.

If someone has an idea of a better place to house it, let me know. I am open to ideas.

I have put nicer/newer staplers and tape dispensers at the Ref. Desk since I had surplus.

I have taken the old stapler and old tape dispenser downstairs to "old" Periodicals and placed them next to the printer station down there. They are very ugly and VERY heavy and I don't think anyone would steal them ;>)

Perhaps they can be moved with the print station if it is moved anywhere.

If anyone has any ideas of where to sit/house these items, let me know.

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