Thursday, August 9, 2007

1-800 number

The toll-free regional campus number (1-800-423-0884) has been moved. Anyone dialing this number will no longer go directly to Sherry's phone, but will ring to the Reference Desk instead.

If someone calls and needs items sent to them at a regional campus location (they must take all their classes online or at a regional campus), please forward them to Sherry. If there's any question about their eligibility for this service, transfer them to Sherry.

Note: Please do not forward calls just because the person mentions being in Mt. Sterling or Prestonsburg or mentions the words "off-campus." A lot of the calls can be answered by *anyone* at the reference desk (password issues, finding articles, etc.). This change was made to reduce student frustration (i.e., having to leave voice mail when Sherry and I are out)... not increase it (being transfered all over the library to get a simple question answered).

Thanks for your help!

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