Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sabbatical portfolios on 5th floor

Just in case it comes up...

Members of the Professional Development Committee will be visiting the library between Tuesday, Oct. 30, and Monday, Nov. 5, to review sabbatical leave applications. The key is on reserve at the CIRC desk under PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE. Only the people listed on the envelope are allowed to view the portfolios. If anyone asks for directions to the carrel, they are listed on the back of the envelope.

[Alternately, you can direct them to the 5th floor of the tower. The carrel is along the left-most wall (as you get out of the elevator) near the fourth column. It's labeled with a note that says, "PDC."]

I am the main contact for this committee, but I'll be out of town Sun-Wed of next week.


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