Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Craig's List Please Read!

If anyone doesn't know Craig Raines he is mentally challenged and he usually comes by during the 12:30 block on Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays. I've made a list of acceptable books and videos to choose from when Craig comes into the Library. Please don't give him more than two selections at a time. He is usually happy with just one. If the books are from LRC please call John as he is happy to help him and has done so in the past. If the book is in APP/KY (because right now he's looking for books about MSU) please call Donna, Teresa, or Rob. Otherwise either get the book yourself or ask a workstudy to do it. Make sure Craig goes with you because he likes to answer the phone and will do so if you are not at the desk. I've included some videos because I know he has access to a VCR but always ask him first if he would like a video too.

Police Books: Police Officer 363.2 P252p LRC Career Collection
Day in the Life of a Police officer 363.23 H427da LRC Career Collection
Day with Police Officers 363.2 LRC Career Collection
I Want to be a Police Officer 363.2 k87d LRC Career Collection
Police Officers 363.2 b772p LRC Career Collection
Sammy, Dog Detective 363.232 b242s LRC Books
Police Officers 363.2 r287p LRC Career Collection
Officer Buckle and Gloria E r234o LRC Books
Youth attitudes and police: Lessons in Law for Young People 363.2 r555y LRC Books
Your World: Let's visit the Policeman 363.2 w721i LRC Books
About Policemen Around the World 363.2 L257a LRC Books
Awesome Fire Engines and Police Cars 628.92 a966 LRC VIDEOS
I Wanna be a Police Officer 363.2 i112 LRC VIDEOS
There goes a Police Car 363.0 T398 LRC VIDEOS

Firemen Books: I want to be a Fireman 363.37023 g799f LRC Career Collection
My Mom is a Firefighter E g7455m LRC Books
What Happens at a Firehouse 628.925 p748w LRC Books
Day in the Life of a Firefighter 628.925 a221d LRC Career Collection
Dot the Fire Dog Ed457d LRC Books
Firefighters A-Z E d3715f LRC Books
Firefighter 628.925 e71f LRC Career Collection
I Want to be a Firefighter 628.925 i11 LRC Career Collection
I Want to be a Firefighter 363.37 m476i LRC Career Collection
Fire! 363.37 m398f LRC Books
Fire Fighters 363.37023 r892j LRC Career Collection
Day in the Life of a Firefighter 628.925 b787d LRC Books
I am a Firefighter E b468i LRC Books
I Want to be a Firefighter 363.37023 k96i LRC Career Collection
Firehouse 363.3 w853f LRC Books
I Wanna be a Firefighter 628.92 i11 LRC VIDEOS
Fire and Rescue 628.92 f523 LRC VIDEOS
There Goes a Firetruck 628.92 t398 LRC VIDEOS
Fireman Sam 628.92 f5235 LRC VIDEOS

MSU (also Morehead)books Images 976.957 i31 APP/KY
Light to the Mountains 378.76957 f586l APP/KY
Morehead State University Farm 630.7 b847m APP/KY
WLEX Presents Kentucky Life in Rowan County 917.6957 w836 LRC VIDEOS

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