Friday, March 27, 2009

Improvements to the Interface for Reference Universe

If you click in to Reference Universe you will noticed an improved interface.
1) The default is now set for local holdings (before you had to click a check box to limit).
2) Search and browse feature are stationary at the top of the screen.
3) The default display for call numbers on the hit list is now set for Dewey (it had been LC).
The elephant in the room is that the 'e-source' flag is still highly inaccurate. Often you will click on something tagged as an electronic book and it turns out to be a print book instead. This is because the data we extracted from Voyager is inconsistent about how it distinguishes between print and electronic ISBNs and Reference Universe is very particular about having that distinction. This is a problem for every library that subscribes to Reference Universe. The vendor is working on an administrative module that will hopefully allow us to remedy this.

So the bottom line is that Reference Universe just got a lot nicer, but it is still not ready for us to tout it as a scholarly alternative to wikipedia. It will be some day.

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