Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SFX Should be Working Well Now

The problem with SFX in which JSTOR and IIMPFT links were not connecting for off-campus users should now be fixed.

The only problem with linking inside of SFX that Mykie and I are aware of right now is the traditional problem of Lexis-Nexis not going directly to the article.

If any of you discover bad links in SFX please report them to Mykie. It is particularly helpful if you spot a bad link when you are connecting from home. You can Cc me for everything if you like, but if an error message mentions EZProxy, then definitely let me know about it.



kjale said...

There is still the problem regarding Gale Literature Resource Center. SFX is not linking to certain (all?) titles in the Gale database, though the material is there and the E-Journal A-Z list includes the Gale database.

kjale said...

UPDATE: Mykie totally fixed the Gale Literature Resource Center problem I mentioned above. Everything should be good to go and that one.