Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patrons Needing to Use Scanner

I just wanted everyone to know that lately I have been asked a lot by patrons to use a scanner. During my work shift there have been more patrons asking more about this and if they can use one. But, there doesn't seem to be any scanner available for patrons to use so I refer them to the Learning Technology Lab. But, some patrons need to use a scanner before the next day if they are working on a presentation or project. Since the Learning Technology Lab is not open during my shift I have to tell the patrons to come back the next day when it is open. I feel like the Learning Technology Lab should be open during my shift because I am getting more questions asking to use a scanner or for presentations. Even on Saturdays I will get some patrons asking to use a scanner or work on a presentation. Let me know what you all think about this and if it is at all possible for this to happen. I believe many students would benefit from it being open and I feel that a workstudy could help students in the Learning Technology Lab. Thanks!

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Ray Bailey said...


If the LTL is open, do send people up here for scanning, no matter what the day or time. Also, there is now a scanner attached to the new microfilm machine outside the classroom. Tom is gonna come up with policies, procedures, and training for that scanner sometime soon. Then, that scanner can be used when the LTL is closed. Also, if we ever get an Info Commons on the first floor, additional scanners should be available all the time. There are no plans to have the LTL open on weekends at this time--the overall patron demand on weekends doesn't seem high enough to warrant it. Ray